Old cameras, experiments, film only, black and white mostly. The city, bricks, concrete, asphalt, rubbish, some faces. Suspensions, vibrations, visions.

I started taking photographs with my mother's old Pentax KX from the 70's when I was fourteen and never stopped. Living in the south of France at the time, I connected with a certain type of light. As I started with black and white, I realised I wasn't attracted by the harsh light of a midday sun but rather by the softer light of the shade which pushed me to look for texture in my photographs. Moving to London in 2011 confirmed that. I am looking for these dark areas, hidden and abandonned with signs of a forgotten story. I use contrast and grain to emphasise these textures. The city and urban environment have always been a feature of my work. After twenty years, this old Pentax still has its place in my arsenal.

I specialise in Polaroid, medium and large format. I develop all my film myself and scan at home.

Most images featured can be purchased as unframed prints, email through the contact page for more details. I'm available for commissions including portraits, art exhibitions, and special projects. If you want an authentic film look with a beautiful black and white grain or vintage colour, I am happy to help!

Photo by Sadie Wilson.